"When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things."  - Armand Dimele

Backpacking 4 Betty was named after Elizabeth "Betty" Blough. My grandmother & public servant whose legacy we hope to honor by empowering people & promoting growth. She taught me that we are all connected.  We "backpack" (literally sometimes) 4 her, for ourselves, and for others. Why?

Why not? Lets work to promote healthy growth in this world instead of contributing to its decay.

To know more about Betty, our inspiration, read the words spoken at her funeral:

“For Betty the church did not start and stop with these four walls.  Her faith was not contained in the confines of inanimate structures, but was most alive when it was lived in generous service among humanity. The building and the body of people that meet here are but the starting point for the sowing and nurturing of seeds. The building is a physical body of seeds, that is then made up of spiritual bodies that move about in the world and proclaim the power, mystery, and love of a God whose fullness cannot be captured in words, monuments, or institutions, no matter how big they might be, but who is best understood in the relationships of human interaction, loving care and service, and generosity.

Betty’s depth of understanding God’s desire and dream of what it means to be alive in the world – caring for each other, and serving as a witness to the life she found in God of scripture, experience, and compassion. Betty lived a remarkable life – one rooted and grounded firmly in a deep, abiding faith that drove her to live fully, and abundantly, seeking to never stop exploring what was new, seeking to never stop learning, constantly seeking to better understand shared life in this world.  She loved to travel, served as a travel agent, visited six of 7 continents, lived in various parts of the world and her life was touched by each place, shaped a bit more, seeds sown across the creation, and in the legacy she leaves with her family.  […]

Betty Martin connections were long, deep and rooted in the way she shared of herself, gifts and resources over and over and over again, not living in fear of running out, not living in a model of scarcity, but embracing a life of abundance and when that abundance could be threatened she faced it head on, learned from it, and continued to find a way to live for herself and for others.  […]

Betty leaves a tremendous legacy associated with her name, but more importantly in the way she lived. She understood history and its place of value, how our individual and collective past inform, shape, and build the future. She understood that travel and connection made relationships very important. Those relationships were seeds for future growth, seeds of generosity, fortitude, and resolve.  Not a 'Susie homemaker or domestic goddess' her gifts were in discerning how culture mattered, how ideas, and connections make possible an understanding of wisdom for life… and then she built upon those connections, making a way for life to be found, drawing together, much like this building the image of a vast God connected in human form, found in relationships, and in need of support, care, and a reminder of God’s abundant giving.  Whether it was serving to create human service organizations, making sure a church has a shower so that we can give renewed life in being clean, finding and claiming value in her historic self and family ties to this community, country and land, or discovering how life is different in another part of the world she gave of her life and she shared her life abundantly.