In November of 2016, B4B along with our volunteer, artist Katie Jo, went to Syanja for a hygiene class/mural. While Katie Jo conducted a women’s health class with our local guide, Meena Karke, the boys and myself painted a mural on hygiene. We outlined healthy habits to follow while the girls learned about  their bodies.

Unfortunately, the majority of females in Nepal do not know enough about their body. They often believe they are dying when their period comes from lack of knowledge. As well, many girls miss school entirely while on their period and some are forced to sleep outside during the duration of their cycle. In the coming years, B4B is dedicated to spreading health knowledge in the schools where we work, specifically female health.

  • CLIENT Female students in Syangja district
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID held female menstruation class / painted informative mural on hygiene
  • PARTNERS Backpacking 4 Betty, Buddhi Chhetri