First Year (2015/16)

In our first year, B4B distributed 148 filters (all accompanied with buckets or tanks) as well as educational booklets on hygiene. Our work was spread across Nepal, focused on areas affected by the Earthquake. We worked with a number of local and international groups to accomplish the work. We distributed 14 water tanks 500-1000 l each and constructed 8 water stations. These stations have drinking water plus a hand washing station. (One in Nargarkot to a school with severe damage and over 700 students - one in displaced earthquake victims camp in Dhading - one in a tented camp for students in Sindulpalchowk - one in school in Talamarang with 500 + students - 4 for the Sakya Monlam (also fundraised 1400 dollars to be used at the health clinic during the event). Five of our filters were given to orphanages - 21 to homes in Rusawa around Langtang, a village completely destroyed after the earthquake by a landslide - 7 to public places - 115 to schools located in - Nargarkot, Tanahaun, Sindupalchowk, Pokhara, Lumbini, Sotang, Dhading, Rusawa, Upper Mustang, Kailali and Syangja.

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Second Year (2016/17)

While the first year was focused on water filter distribution to earthquake victims, our second year was geared towards developing a program in one district. Focusing in one area has allowed us to form stronger connections with the community and allow for other programs to be realized . Through our Resource Center Contact, Buddhi Chhetri, we managed to place filters in 90 schools last year. As well as distributing, B4B facilitated international sharing between American schools and some of the schools we work with, held menstruation classes, painted a hygiene mural, hosted volunteers, and ended the year with a 3 part competition of the arts with 12 schools participating.

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Third Year (2017/18)

This past year we focused on women's health in the schools where we serve. We hosted an international health program on March 9th in Pokhara to celebrate international women's day in coordination with Empowering Women of Nepal. The turnout to this incredible conference exceeded our expectations as 75 students and 125 teachers, reporters and citizens came to participate in the all-day event. The conference curriculum included guest speakers, panel discussion, health advocacy mural, a student play advocating women’s rights and distribution of 75 reusable menstrual hygiene kits. Due to possible protests, we were unable to bring 50 students selected from 10 schools in Syanja. To remedy this, we held another program for the 50 girls in Syanja the following month. Next year, we hope to start with these 10 schools having the girls who previously participated, help lead and support other students. We also held a distribution in Syanja for an additional 25 schools without clean water as well as support the University of New Mexico in their distribution of reusable menstruation pads in Western Nepal.

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Fourth Year (2018/19)

In July of 2018, the lowlands of Nepal were heavily hit during monsoon season and the flooding in Terai was a serious problem. For this reason, we worked with Water 4 Life Ministry and KarmaFlights to have 40 filters distributed quickly and effectively once news broke that there were serious health concerns. For our female health program, we held two programs in Syanja out of the ten schools which participated in our conference the previous year. One in November and the second in February. Each program was led by our nurse while we donated reusable menstruation pads to all students as well as health books in Nepali to the schools. Our nurse held two additional health programs covering menstruation as well as sexual abuse in villages near to Pokhara. We were able to donate reusable pads and books to augment her programs. Lastly, we outfitted a women's shelter in Kathmandu with reusable pads for all 32 women currently living there. We have also donated an additional 50 filters to be distributed by KarmaFlights to the schools where they work.

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